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Do you have a vocation to Carmel? Contact our Vocation Director today to learn more about a Carmelite Vocation. We can help you discern your calling to Religious Life. We offer vocation retreats for those serious about a Carmelite vocation.

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The primary goal of any Vocation Director is to discover the will of God for a young man who is inquiring. While all of the Carmelite Fathers and Brothers in Wyoming desire to promote vocations and to grow in numbers for the glory of God and the salvation of souls, we recognize that a vocation is ultimately the initiative of God and ordered to benefit the whole Church, not just a particular community or religious institution.

We earnestly and wholeheartedly desire to assist young men in discovering that particular state in life where God is calling them to become saints and to build up Holy Mother Church, whether that call lead them into our enclosure, into the diocesan seminary, an active monastery, or to the missions. As cloistered, contemplatives in the Heart of the Church, we desire to people all areas of the vineyard with laborers for the salvation of souls.

A Few Basic Recommendations . . .

1. Spend time in prayer each day asking the Holy Spirit to give you light;

2. Entrust your soul to a wise and learned Spiritual Director to whom you can confide your deepest desires and aspirations with childlike transparency;

3. Study religious life, the priesthood, and the founders of different Orders;

4. Write or call Orders that attract you;

5. Visit those Orders you are discerning;

6. Befriend the members of the communities you are serious about; and,

7. Wait for the Lord to reveal His will with prayer and trust.

Suggested Spiritual Reading:

1. Rule & Constitutions of the Carmelite Monks;

2. Story of a Soul, St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus;

3. My Sister St. Thérèse, Sister Genevieve of the Holy Face (Celine Martin);

4. Vita Consecrata, Pope John Paul II; and,

5. Catechism of the Catholic Church on Consecrated Life.

The Three Carmelite Doctors of the Church

St. Teresa of Jesus

Our Holy Mother, St. Teresa of Jesus, Doctor of the Church, was born on March 28, 1515 in Gotarrendura, in the province of Avila, Spain and died October 4, 1582 in Salamanca. She was the primary foundress of the Discalced Reform and founded 17 convents during her life, the first being St Joseph's at Avila in 1562. Through her inspiration and guidance, St. John of the Cross aided in the founding the male branch of the Discalced Carmelite Reform.

St. Teresa was a prolific writer whose writings seek to guide the soul to the heights of sanctity and union with God. Her "down to earth" and candid approach to the spiritual life teaches her children the true and real way to become perfect children of God. St. Teresa's great love for souls and tenderness is clearly transmitted through her collected works and she immediately shows herself a loving and maternal Mother to Carmelites.

St. John of the Cross

Our Holy Father, St. John of the Cross, Doctor of the Church, was born on June 24, 1542 in Fontiveros, Spain and died December 14, 1591 in Ubeda, Spain. After his ordination to the priesthood, he resolved to enter the Carthusians in pursuit of silence, solitude, and enclosure, but St. Teresa convinced him to wait for the founding of the first male house of the Discalced at Duruela in 1568 that those same longings might be realized in the Carmelite tradition.

St. John of the Cross wrote many spiritual books that guide the soul along the safe road of faith, hope, love, and trust in God. A particular trait of St. John of the Cross, that is too little known, is that he possessed a deep love for those around him, in particular his brother Venerable Francis de Yepes. This great Doctor of the Church showed his paternal love in the clarity of his teaching to his spiritual sons and daughters that they too might become great saints by ascending Mount Carmel.

St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus

St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, commonly known as the Little Flower and a Doctor of the Church, was born on January 2, 1873 in Lisieux, France and died on September 30, 1897 in her beloved Carmel at Lisieux. St. Thérèse entered Carmel at the age of 15 against all odds.

During her religious life and as Novice Mistress, she came to see that Jansenism, which was plaguing the Church at her time, was dampening the spiritual growth of many Catholics. Our sister, St. Thérèse, combated this spiritual disease by professing complete trust in our Lord's mercy, hoping that He would take her soul into the depths of His love and there purge out all of her imperfections. By practicing this trust, St. Thérèse showed herself a good student of St. John of the Cross' complete faith in God. Her Little Way is the hallmark of her teaching on spiritual childhood that recommends to the devout soul the practice of humility and childlike confidence in the paternal love of God.

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